18 July 2007

Sinking Spring to Robesonia

Penn Avenue, aka. 422 West, aka. Ben Franklin Highway, could be one of the finest Berks/Lebanon County road bike routes. It's mostly rolling hills and false flats. And it has a wide, paved shoulder with plenty of room outside of the normal car lanes. There are very few lights, so you can really get a rhythm going. Being an idiot and a menace, I decided to ride 422 West to Conrad Weiser High School (12 mile round trip) during rush hour. Even still, not so congested. On the idiot and menace tip, I also forgot my camera, so the above map will have to suffice until the next ride... which will be very soon.

My hope is to find some time (and a cool morning) to continue on the Ben Franklin all the way to Lebanon, Hershey and Harrisburg.