24 August 2010

Two Climb Ride

The intervals are paying off, I think. Today was Sportsman and the hobbit village.

Sportsman climb - 15:30 (new record)

Total average speed - 16.22 mph

21 August 2010

Week in Review

Sunday, Jim drove up and we did the Sportsman climb and the hobbit village climb

Wednesday was VO2 Max intervals up Sportsman.

Friday was a three-climb ride. Texter Mountain climb: 16:35. New record! And not bad given the heat and the headwind.

13 August 2010


Myerstown time trial today. Good weather conditions. Overcast, 72 with very little wind.

And I finally broke the 20 mph average speed barrier!!! Hit 20 mph average at Robesonia on the way back and gained speed to the end with a final average of 20:23. Nervous energy trying to hold the 20 all the way to the tuxedo shop.

Average speed: 20:23
Approx time: 1:43:00
Distance: 34 miles

Next goal? Repeat that. The goal after that? 22 mph average.

12 August 2010

VO2 Max

Since I appear to be hitting wall in terms of speed, I'm getting back to intervals. This time, VO2 Max intervals as described here.

Set 1
3 minutes on, 3 minutes off, 3 minutes on
6 minutes off
Set 2
3 minutes on, 3 minutes off, 3 minutes on

I suffered through these beginning on Main Street leading into the mental hospital then all the way up Sportsman.


Climbing Update

I've been taking it easy for the last several rides. Or, at least, I intended to take it easy. I've been mainly climbing the usual routes, minus Texter Mountain Rd.

Easy climbing
Uphill time trial on Sportsman (not so easy) - 16:07

Easy climbing (not Texter Mountain Rd.)
Up Sportsman, down to Newmanstown
Back around to Sportsman up and back

03 August 2010

Time Trial Issues

I can't figure out why I keep hitting the wall on time trials. Might be the heat or I might not be getting enough calories in me for 33 miles of all-out effort.

There was a crosswind on the way out, and a headwind on the way back. Cracked at around Womelsdorf when I realized that no matter how hard I go, I won't beat a 19:75 mph average speed. So I sat up and soft-pedaled home. Again.

Gotta figure this out.