30 March 2009

Eagle's Peak and the Filthy Fifteen

Another local rider, Paul, is working on a series of Berks County climbs called the Filthy Fifteen. Unfortunately, I've been away from the blog and I'm only now catching his comment from February 11.

Lately, I've been climbing up to Eagle's Peak -- a brutal climb split into two sections with a much-needed short recovery descent in the middle.

Turn left onto Hill Rd at the Citgo station along 422. There's a short 6% climb over the railroad tracks. Turn left at the other side and the climbing begins. There are switchback turns that max out at 30%, but only for a few dozen feet. Hill continues up to the summit of the mountain and then descends to an awkward V-intersection at Eagle's Peak Rd. Turn right onto Eagle's Peak and the climbing continues. This section is longer, but not as steep as Hill Rd. Once you pass Eagle's Peak campground, there's a harrowing descent down to Newmanstown. The profile:

So Paul, if you're still around, drop me an e-mail at robertcesca(at)hotmail(dot)com.