10 November 2007

Texter Mountain

Here's a pile of reasons to climb Texter Mountain in the Fall.

Sportsman Rd near the bottom of the climb. Average 5% grade.

The top of Sportsman Rd. Yeah, that's another rider up there. The grade here ranges between 12% and 20%. It's a challenging end to a 4-mile climb. Then again, Texter Mountain Rd has one last steep surprise...

This is the intersection of Sportsman Rd and Texter Mountain Rd looking up towards the summit of Texter Mountain.

This is the same view as the camera-phone shot here.

This is the view from Texter Mountain Rd down into the Cocalico valley and Rt. 897.

Here's one of the awesomely steep descents down Texter Mountain Rd leading into the valley.

The valley.

This last photo is at the 422 side of Texter Mountain Rd. The buildings in the foreground belong to the Wernersville State Hospital.

I won't be doing any climbing tomorrow. My rear brakes are caput.

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