17 May 2008

Two Weeks Since The Crash

It's been just over two weeks since the accident and I've been under the care of my chiropractor, Dr. Dean Wolf, who has adjusted me three times a week for the last two weeks. My back isn't 100 percent, but it's definitely better. The muscles that run along my spine tense up and spasm every morning at around 4AM. Imagine waking up from a sound sleep to the sensation of someone sitting on your back. That about describes it.

But tomorrow, if the weather holds, I'm riding. Nothing insane. Just maybe out to Stouchsburg and back. Which leads me to my bike...

Other than a few battle scars -- scratched paint and the like -- the Kona Jake is in good condition. It might be because my body broke the fall, but the front end totally collided with that car. I expected the front wheel to at least be really tangled, but nope... totally true.

So I've decided to leave the paint damage alone. Scars can make for excellent reminders. In this case: cyclists are invisible to drivers.

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