05 June 2008

The Reading Classic

I spent the day watching the pros ride in big circles around Reading. The speed was insane, especially around the tight corners and through the traffic jam of team cars. Oscar Sevilla Rivera of Rock Racing won the day with last year's champ, Bernard Eisel of High Road, taking second.

Here are some fancy-shmancy "exclusive" Team Spindrift photos.

The women's peloton. They were goddamn FAST!

Catherine Cheatley (left) and Team Cheerwine. Meanwhile, High Road's Ina-Yoko Teutenberg won the women's race.

The Italians from Liquigas.

Victor Hugo Peña, Tyler Hamilton and Rahsaan Bahati of Rock Racing at the sign-in. Can you smell the "edgy"?

Freddie Rodriguez talks to an old dude. Rodriguez crashed early in the race. I blame that old man and his old man curse.

Slipstream-Chipotle at the sign-in. Don't tell them that there's not a single goddamn Chipotle restaurant anywhere near here.

The single-file pack descends Perkiomen Avenue headed towards Penn Street.

The pack turns off Penn Street. Mexican Bernardo Colex of Tecos (middle in red) kicked some ass today. Later, Colex blasted up Mt. Penn alone. Towards the top, the video crew clocked him at 20mph. That's insane. (Fun fact: Duryea Drive is named for the inventor of the first hill-climbing automobile. The prototypes of the car were tested on this road.)

Mt. Penn climbing.

When I shot this, a photographer from VeloNews was on my left and the head of CyclingNews was on my right. Very serious!

Sevilla's one-man breakaway in the final kilometer on his way to victory.

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