11 July 2010

Nervous Ride

A new route is always nervous. There were two riders who crashed in Robesonia and were being helped by an ambulance and police officer. The taller, lankier rider had some pretty severe road rash on his face. Not sure what happened. Thought about stopping and asking them if it was a hit-and-run. Either way, it freaked me out -- on top of the untried route.

The route was out to Womelsdorf, then right onto 419 and north to 183 and to the vicinity of the Appalachian Trail. I made it to within a mile of Gobbler's Spur Road and had to turn back. 183 was too dangerous. Narrow shoulder and too many speeding cars.

On the way back, my left pedal broke, but I was able to continue using it.

47 miles
16.54 average speed
Headwind (NNW) out, tailwind home

Ride profile (half distance to Appalachian Trail):

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