11 August 2007

Riding With Lauren

My daughter Lauren at the lake along Reedy Road. She ripped through 18 miles today like a champ.

The septic sludge at liftlock No. 47 E, one of the few intact Union Canal locks along the Tulpehocken Trail. From the Berks County website: "When the [Union] canal was in operation (1827-1884) the locktender's home would have been located on the land between the hill and the lock. Some of the men who lived in this locktender's home were Edwin Ball, Jacob Grubb, William Adies, Samuel Werner, and John Moyer. Their job assignments included operation and maintenance of this lock. Locktenders' salaries ranged from a maximum of $10.00 a month to a low of $1.00 a month, which they received in the later days of operation of the Union Canal."

The bikes of Team Spindrift at the end of the Tulpehocken Trail, near Reber's Bridge.

The historic Gruber Wagon Works near Wertz's Bridge.

Lauren is a better photographer than I am. Her shot of Wertz's Covered Bridge.

Lauren at the Gring's Mill bridge.

That's me at the Gring's Mill Bridge.

The one rider breakaway! Will the peloton catch him? Yes. Definitely yes.

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