02 August 2007

The State Hill Circuit

UPDATE: Not sure why the route isn't showing up on the map.

As promised, here's the State Hill Circuit. 12.46 miles according to Google Maps. I rode this one counter-clockwise and tackled some of the small climbs first. Reedy Road through Cacoosing was incredible, as was the wilderness of Wagner Drive (far upper right on the map) but the sum total of all the climbs on the right hemisphere of the circuit was insane for my feeble level of fitness. I noted before that Brownsville Rd is treacherous due to the traffic, but the scenery is stunning in the late evening with the Sun setting over Blue Marsh Lake in the valley below.

The descent on North Church Rd is super fast in places. I should probably check my brakes. In terms of sites on the ride down, the Jesuit Center has some impressive grounds, and be sure to check the view around the area of the cemetary.

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